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cancer & radiotheraphy

anaesthesia & critical care

mother and child care

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Laboratory Services

We offer various lab services like, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, HepatitisB and C screening, HIV screening, Cancer screeing, Diabetes screening.. etc

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Medical Admission

UMC works with a variety of medical specialists to improve the quality of your life while providing medical care to its patients.

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Radiology Services

With radiographic examinations and their interpretations, which are unmatched in South Sudan, we provide X-ray and UltraSound services to our clients.

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Pharmaceutical Services

With the help of our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, UMC offers services related to drugs as well as guidance on how to utilize them.

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Pediatric Services

We deal with serious illnesses such infectious infections, congenital diseases, mental illnesses, and other ailments that affect children.

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Dermatology Services

A variety of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and warts, are treated by means of both non-surgical and surgical methods.

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General Medicine

UMC treats and manages both short-term health issues as well as chronic conditions including diabetes and respiratory issues.

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Services

Prenatal diagnosis treatments, postpartum care, and maternal and fetal surveillance are all offered at UMC.

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Customers say


When will I receive my pain medication?

Painkillers may not be administered until after tests are finished and the doctor has reviewed the data since they can cover up crucial clues to your medical condition. However, it's crucial to get treatment for pain, so please inform your nurse or doctor if you're in discomfort or if the prescribed medication isn't providing any relief. Throughout your time in our department and, if admitted, on our medical floors, you will be asked to rate your pain.

How can I avoid infections?

All normal standards of personal hygiene are followed while at a UMC. Additionally, if any of your relatives are sick, tell them to postpone their visitation until they feel better. Please speak out if you observe a member of the treatment team or a member of the family not practicing appropriate hygiene.

Will I be allowed to have visitors during my treatment?

Yes, typically, but there are rarely many visitors in the emergency treatment area. Sometimes, until your loved one is in the room and comfortable there, visitors are advised to wait in the emergency department lobby. In most areas of the department, two visitors are typically permitted per patient.

Can I refuse a test or a doctor to see me?

Yes. A patient frequently rejects a procedure, test, or doctor's advise due to ambiguous information. Knowing you have the option to decline, having a dialogue with the attending physician is beneficial.

What must I look out for after being discharged?

You'll be given detailed advice for signs like fever or pain that would warrant calling your primary care physician or visiting the emergency department. Your primary-care doctor will be able to address the majority of your concerns because your attending physician will make every attempt to inform him or her of the specifics of your hospitalization. Ideally, your primary-care physician takes the reins as team leader as soon as you are released.

When am I going home?

The treating physician makes an estimation of your date of discharge as soon as you are hospitalized. Everybody should have a clear objective. Depending on your reaction to therapy, the scheduled discharge date may be adjusted.